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Posted on October 3rd, 2016

Young Filmmakers Competition Selected Entries

Chagford Film Festival Emerging Talent Young Filmmakers Competition selected entries

Thank you to everyone who entered the Emerging Talent 2016 Young Filmmakers Competition, we had some great entries from a wide range of ages (and even one from New York!).

The overall standard was very high, but below are the selected entries that the judges felt showed most promise. These were screened at the Chagford Film Festival 2016.

‘Making My Own Board’ by Dylan Pegg (age 16)

“A short film I made of a school project which was to design and construct my own surfboard.”

‘The Lake’ by Gemma Day (age 17)

“The innocent games of two young girls are disturbed by unexplainable visions. What are the secrets of The Lake?”

‘The Reflection’ by Toby Skilton (age 9)

“What happens when you get bored, well obviously you find the best person to play with.”

‘Fifth Column Trailer’ by Ollie Jones (age 15)

“One man stands between the outburst of civil war and peace as he struggles against the terrorist cell Fifth Column.”

‘The Secret Island Treehouse!’ by Monty Pealing (age 9)

“A man visits an island and decides to build himself a treehouse…”

‘Shia Labeouf Live Cantor’ by Michael Balsdon (age 16)

“The horror faced by one man at the hands of Hollywood superstar Shia Labeouf.”

‘Ole Lukøje’ by Gemma Day (age 17)

“A lone woman confronts her fear as her nightmares become a reality.”

All entrants will be receiving a certificate from us shortly.