September 20th-25th 2021

Chagford, Dartmoor, Devon

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Mary French

Together with my husband Graham, we run the Globe Inn in Chagford, a bustling pub at the heart of our local community. I am passionate about the community in which I live and work, wanting it to prosper so that it can continue to be the best place in the world to live.

For this reason, and because of my lifelong love of film, seven years ago I suggested to a group of friends, film buffs and local people who worked in film and the creative arts, that we should put on an annual film festival in Chagford. The idea took off, and it gives me great pleasure that from that original crazy idea, we have a successful and popular festival now in its seventh year.

I love what I do because it enables me to combine all my interests: film, music, theatre, community, family and friends. I’d love to see the festival continue to grow and bring new people to our beautiful corner of Dartmoor.